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*The closest shop that accept credit cards.


Address: Oblouková 766/16, 101 00 Praha 10

Open hours: 06:00-23:00                            




*One of the biggest market around Vrsovice district.


Address: Praha 10, U Slavie1527/3

Open hours: Non-stop

"Tesco Express"


*Small subsidiary market of Tesco for quick purchases


Address: Moskevská 466/82, 101 00 Praha 10-Vršovice

Open hours: Everyday from 6.00 to 22.00



*Popular market in a EU.

Address: Vršovická 1525/1a, 120 00 Praha 10-Vršovice-Praha 10

Open hours: 8.00 - 20.00

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