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Frequently Asked Questions

How to reserve a room and sign the Accommodation contract?


First of all, there is a need to fill in the online reservation form. Then, you will receive a signed copy of accommodation agreement, which you will also have to sign and send it back to us.  Please, NOTE – the underage students should provide a power of attorney from a confident person

Security deposit

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit equals a monthly rent. Besides, without it your reservation could not be confirmed.

Could you provide a confirmation of accommodation?

Confirmation of accommodation

The Confirmation of accommodation can only be provided within the first three (working) days since making a payment of a security deposit. By the Czech standard the confirmation is normally sent directly to the requested Embassy via Dropbox. The Confirmation’s price is 200 CZK

How can I pay for my Accommodation?

Deposit payment

You can either pay at the reception (cash or credit 

card) upon your arrival, or via bank transfer to the account written in the accommodation agreement

How you do Check-in?


Our reception works non-stop (24/7), however, we would appreciate being informed in advance in case of any delays or earlier arrivals. Following your arrival and signing of all the documents at the reception, the guest is being provided with the card-key from the room. The receptionist will accompany you to the room. Together you will also check the room and sign the Hang-out protocol.

How to terminate the accommodation agreement and cancel the reservation?

Termination of agreement

1. The Tenant should complete the „Termination of agreement form,” which can be provided by the receptionist anytime. The termination period is actual since the subsequent month and lasts for 3 months.

 2. Also, the student can choose any day of leaving, however, is still obliged to cover up for the upcoming 60 days since announced.

How you do Check-out?


The Check-out follows the student leaving the room and signing the check-out protocol with the receptionist. The key-card should be returned to the reception, while the deposit will be refunded either in cash or via bank transfer, upon the previous agreement between the parties

Do not hesitate to ask us any other questions, we will be glad to help you
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