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Instructions of How to use COVID Testing Occupancy list

How to find the Occupancy List?
  1. Go to Admin Page

  2. Navigate to section "COVID Testing/Occupancy"

  3. Click on "Room List"

How to find the required room?
  1. Once you are there, choose your floor by Drop-down menu

  2. Find the room you need

  3. The room card has the main details you require(Student, Full Name, Certification status, Last testing date)

  4. If you need to update one of the fields please click on "Edit Testing"

  5. This will open you a new page with room and occupancy details

How to edit occupancy details?
  1. Once you have opened the room update the following details

    • Student ID​

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Certification status (only possible to choose one: Certified Vs. None-Certified)

    • Last Testing Date

  2. Please keep updating your list so you can overview which students should provide you with new testing

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